Unravelling the Potential of AI in the Medical Practice

Unravelling the Potential of AI in the Medical Practice

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There has been vibrant discussion online recently about the possibility and opportunity of using artificial intelligence in community clinical care. Some of this has taken on an almost prophetic tone, filled with enthusiasm about the potential for AI tools to enhance our capabilities and efficiency. Many other posts, however, have been cautionary tales, tinged with suspicion about AI potentially signalling the demise of medical expertise as we currently know it. The truth lies somewhere in between.

For me, the real issue isn’t whether AI will become a part of our medical practices, but rather in what form it will take, how we will employ it, and how we will integrate it into patient care thoughtfully. To try to unpack this some, over the next few weeks, I am going to post a six-part series aimed at initiating a conversation and provoking thought about key considerations when introducing AI into a medical practice. What precisely is AI in the health space? Can we place our trust in it? If so, how should we use it? What are the associated risks and benefits? And what about accountability? Does this come with tangible risks and intangible benefits? These questions and more build the foundation of a systematic and measured implementation of AI in medicine, particularly within the primary care and community specialist care environment.

The world of artificial intelligence is evolving at a pace that many of us struggle to keep up with. This is even harder for doctors as we have so many competing priorities in the rapidly changing world of medicine. Even if we are paying attention, just as we believe we are up to date, the potential and influence of AI expand almost exponentially. Because of this, I am concerned that we will become frustrated with the pace and react with willful blindness. The antidote lies in learning as much as we can and understanding how AI can enhance our practice and improve patient care. Avoiding AI is not a viable option; it is coming to us, even if we are not actively seeking it. Maybe your learning starts here!!

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A demain…..

Unravelling the Potential of AI in Medical Practice
Post 1: Is AI just a fad??
Post 2: Trust, Mistrust and Distrust
Post 3: Building Trust
Post 4: Challenges in the implementation of AI
Part 5: How do we train and feed the beast? The endless hunger for data.
Part 6: What can we use now?

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