Welcome back!

Welcome back!

It's been a minute!!  I am glad you are here.

The past four years have been a blur of Covid, all the changes we have witnessed in healthcare, and two career path pivots for me!  This has left little time for writing and keeping my blog site active.  The world changed.  But i's time to pick up the digital pen, have a look around and keep the conversation going! 

With this Blog I want to explore brave ideas in healthcare: from technology, to leadership, from the advancement of primary care, to culture in medicine.

I am writing not to force my thoughts upon you, but rather to bring ideas to the forefront that might challenge you.  We can discuss issues here in a way that is respectful, fulsome, optimistic and bold.  

I hope you will join in.  I hope you will comment.  We change our culture by changing our conversations.  This is my small part.

Let's go..

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